Hyd2o assessed flood hydrology at Preston River


Preston River Flood Hydrology

Client : Preston Green Pty Ltd

Meadowbrooke Estate is located in Boyanup on the banks of the Preston River, approximately 20 km south east of Bunbury. Further development of the Estate at Boyanup is now proposed as a lifestyle village. The Preston River has a history of flooding, with the 1964 event estimated to exceed a 1 in 100 year flood, which resulted in widespread flooding within the downstream Bunbury townsite.

Hyd2o provided estimates of 100 year ARI flood levels and floodplain mapping for the Preston River adjacent to the Estate to assist the planning process for this development. Modelling also estimated likely flood levels for the site during the 1964 event. This analysis was used to negotiate suitable development areas with the Department of Water to maximise site yield and establish future finished lot levels for the site.