Hyd2o and WA Water Future Study


WA Water Future Study, Water Yield and Demand Gap Analysis

Client : Department of Water

The YGAP (Yield Demand Gap Analysis Program) model was developed by Sasha Martens in 2009 for CSIRO as part of the South-West WA Sustainable Yields Project.

YGAP enables a systematic approach to the identification of water resource management areas (and sub areas) where demand growth and/or climate based yield reductions may impact on future water availability for consumptive purposes within a chosen strategic planning horizon. It accounts for water transfers (such as piping water across the landscape) and also allows management actions such as importing and exporting water, new sources, desalination, water use efficiency, and changes in water distribution to be assessed in addressing a yield and demand gap.

This model was recently applied the whole of Western Australia to support the Department of Water’s Water Futures for Western Australia initiative. A user manual was also prepared to assist the Department in its future application.