Woodvale Compliance Monitoring


Woodvale Private Estate Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Client : ABN Group

Woodvale Private Estate is a new urban residential development by the ABN Group located adjacent to the eastern shores of Lake Yellagonga. In consultation with the City of Wanneroo, the Estate adopted a wide range of water sensitive urban design measures aimed at improving stormwater management outcomes, with a particular focus on at-source control techniques.

In 2011 the ABN Group engaged Hyd2o to undertake a post development monitoring and compliance reporting program to assess the performance of the adopted best management practices. This will provide valuable information to assist planning for future developments within the catchment of Lake Yellagonga.

As part of these works Hyd2o are conducting groundwater quality and level monitoring, continuous data logging of water levels within the stormwater infiltration area, and conducting regular checks of street scale bioretention areas to assist the ongoing assessment of their function and performance.